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Oct. 22nd, 2005 | 06:17 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Isn't this exciting? We're back in action with a damn fine chapter. Now all we need is a banner - someone promised us one a long time ago *coffchristycoff* - and icons - someone drag 07091987 out of lurking? She owes her child!

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Chapter 2

Oct. 21st, 2005 | 09:57 pm
posted by: sunflower1343 in vf_pirates

Title: Chapter 2
Rating: R (a little sex, a little violence, swearing)
Warnings: Just be open-minded. And blame Christy. *runs away*

I'm sorry it's so late. Really really sorry. It wouldn't come out. For the longest time it wouldn't work. Then, well, we figured something out and the rest came out in a rush and it may not be what you expected. It wasn't what I expected. You know how I wouldn't use OCs? Wrong. OCs of my own, and of Sue's.

I asked Sue for her permission to use her characters. She said it was fine as long as we didn't rape, torture or kill them. So I'd ask everyone who follows to be aware of that for her. ^_^

I have to thank Alice for a line about Yan that I took straight from one of her emails, because it wouldn't leave me alone, so I used it, even though it's anachronistic. And of course a major thanks to Christy for helping me out of my stuck state, and for working with me to give Akihito a life that worked.

And once again I'm so sorry for the wait. *hangs head* It won't happen again. *goes to stand in the corner*

Chapter 2Collapse )

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New link

Aug. 8th, 2005 | 04:04 pm
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

I was searching for images we could use to make icons for the comm and I found this site


There's some pretty interesting pictures here.

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Kind of important

Jul. 24th, 2005 | 09:44 am
mood: awake (zzzzzz...)
music: Melina Merkouri from Hatzidakis' Ta paraloga (song stuck in my head but don't remember the title)
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Uhm, not to bore you with the technical stuff, but I think we should decide whether we'll have a set sequence regarding the writers.
Right now, sunflower1343 is working on the 2nd chapter. lilt_rill didn't know that of course so she asked if she could work on a follow-up to the first chapter. And alice_montrose had also expressed an interest to go third.
In short, to avoid confusion, I think we should make some kind of arrangement here... Any suggestions?

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Chapter 1

Jul. 19th, 2005 | 12:10 am
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Title: "Chains, ropes, rum and gold" (Note: the title started out as a joke, but the instigators of the initial idea thought it would be fun to keep)
Chapter the First. In two scenes.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU (naturally), some plot, lots of sex, bondage
Characters: The main 4 (sort of an intro, don't kill me, they sort of took control and, well, you'll see the results)

On to the roast (Greek, don't ask...)Collapse )

A few things at random:
1) the second scene was the result of the combination of two "debts" - kawaiigato, dmnutv_archer, you know what I mean *grin*
I know kawaiigato doesn't really fancy the pairing, but I hope at least she may enjoy the action even a little bit.
2) I think we should set up a sequence for the writers. I believe not time limit is required. This is purely for fun, there's just a handful of us (or slightly more) so no need for pressure
3) I think I'm missing something...

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FINAL Recap (I promise!)

Jul. 12th, 2005 | 11:48 pm
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Yay, that took a lot longer than I expected. Actually I considered refraining from this post after all and just present in due time a possible first chapter. Since most of you said you don't want to go first I hope you don't mind. However my "in due time" is probably going to take forever and maybe by that time someone else will have a really brilliant idea that just has to be written.

Therefore, taking up sunflower1343's suggestion - as I threatened I would - here's some starting stuff:

  • Yan and Fei will be brothers. Yan a bit bossy and domineering and Fei a bit resentful of being treated like a kid, but not really anxious to be in control.

  • Regarding their ships, I'll go with alice_montrose: Fire Swallow and Flying Dragon.

  • Time: let's do 1690's? Shelly, locations, HELP? I know you've written extensively about this on my LJ, but, please? One for authorities and one for pirate haven. By the way, I wanted to think of a really cool name for the Lius' hideout but my mind has gone blank. So if anyone has any suggestions, share?

  • Asami: Denver? I got this huge urge for a tribute to Dorothy Sayers. Granted, Gerald is a Duke and he's a bit of an ass. But he is Peter's brother and the title is in the family (if anyone thinks this sounds Chinese to them, I'll be happy to offer an explanatory rant). So, given that we said no Duke for Asami, can we make him Marquess of Denver? (I'd still go for Duke of Denver anytime, but I'm fine with whatever you guys choose).

  • Aki: Let's write him and see what comes out. Afterall, first appearances are often meant to deceive, and a gutter-rat could disguise a very efficient government - freelance of course :P - agent.

I can't think of anything else for now. Other suggestions?

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Tiny question

Jul. 6th, 2005 | 11:27 pm
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Just to let people know, I am not dead, and I hope this project isn't either. I think that the last post may have been a bit overwhelming. Our objective is still to have fun here and not lose ourselves in the details. So coming up next will be a very short post - adopting sunflower1343's proposal - with a couple of names, positions and places to set us off. In fact I apologise for the delay, but I've been either too busy or too braindead the past few days ^__^
Anyway, before that, a question: who intends to participate as writer? And who would like to start?

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Voting time

Jun. 30th, 2005 | 01:13 am
mood: releaved
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Nothing scary here. All it means is we need to clarify a few issues before we start

Said issuesCollapse )

Oof! That was a long one! No wonder I was putting it off for so long.
If there's anything I've missed or you'd like to see discussed, feel free to point it out ^__^

PS: I need a pirate icon...

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Various links on pirates and such

Jun. 29th, 2005 | 04:17 pm
posted by: alice_montrose in vf_pirates

Links archiveCollapse )

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First Intro

Jun. 29th, 2005 | 01:47 am
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

NOTE: The silly thing that I am, I accidentally posted this on my LJ again instead of the comm. Luckily alice_montrose was kind enough to point it out. The fact that I'm silly, that is *snickers*


What lurks behind the cut is the first intro I prepared. It's basically the initial character profile for the four main characters of the story as well as a few other things.

Original introCollapse )

Ok, this done, I owe now a post with a coprehensive summary of all this and an inclusion of some interesting points discussed on IM.

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We're setting sail!

Jun. 28th, 2005 | 07:21 pm
mood: dying of heat; and it's barely 35oC still...
posted by: theladymoon in vf_pirates

Who would have thought that a crazy comment on IM would take such proportions and become such a wonderful project!
This "one-eyed puppy", as his natural mother, 07091987, likes to call him, is growing into a gorgeous little monster. And a demanding one at that. Now he has his own community. And bids us all welcome aboard!

Aboard this ship, where we'll be able to suggest, discuss and share our writing of this crazy story with the temporary - or maybe not so temporary - title "Chains, Ropes, Rum and Gold". Those of you who have alreay joined, please inform whoever else you think would be interested ot you'd like to make interested in this story. I know there are some writers out there I would love to have involved in this.

Remember, you don't necessarily have to participate in the writing. Although I'm sure in time we will, ahem, convince you... This is about sharing ideas, giving birth to crazy plot puppies - if they're not one-eyed, I'm sure we can fix that - and prodding others to do your dirty work write them up...

Enough of the welcome rant. Enjoy the journey!

PS: There's some interesting stuff over at my LJ that need transferring. This should take place by tomorrow I hope, and I may even manage to add some of the things that are begging to be sorted (you know, all those IM chats etc).

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